Prime Business Finance

Are you looking to buy your current or new premises?

Are you looking to buy a commercial property to rent out?

Are you seeking to release some of the capital locked up in your premises?



Is Vendor Finance for you and your business?

Do you supply business to business products? Would you like to make it easier for your clients to buy your products?

If you’ve answered Yes to either one or both of those questions then Vendor Finance will help your business.


What’s in it for a supplier?

More sales… you’re offering a way for your clients to get what they need without having to wait for elusive lump sums to be available. You can provide the best possible solution for your client, rather than just one that is good enough, and increase your profit by doing so.

  • We can provide indicative rates for you to insert in your proposal or provide a simple calculator to work out payments.
  • We liaise with your clients and confirm in writing to you that a finance facility is in place.
  • You can safely deliver your product knowing that you will be paid within just a few days. No more late payers with Vendor Finance!
  • If you wish, we’ll take care of all the paperwork with your client; you just need to raise your invoice.
  • It is easier for you to offer upgrades or new products in the future and easier for your client to say “Yes!”


What’s in it for your clients?

Leasing and HP are a highly cost-effective way of securing the products they want quickly and easily:

  • Low monthly or quarterly payments
  • Payments can be offset against tax
  • Easier to budget
  • Existing credit facilities left untouched


We already organise funding for clients of these different types of businesses:

  • Software
  • Telecoms
  • Hand-held computers
  • IT Networks and PCs
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers
  • Document Scanners
  • Survey equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Engineering machinery
  • Packaging machinery
  • Trucks and trailer 

How does Vendor Finance work?

  1. Your client agrees to your proposal but wants to spread the payments.
  2. You ask their permission to pass their name and contact number to Prime Business Finance.
  3. We contact them and gain the necessary information to present to our Lenders.
  4. We submit the information to our lenders in order to secure a funding facility.
  5. When we have approval we notify you and your client.
  6. We (or you if you prefer) organise the documentation with the client for the funding facility and once it is signed, submit it to the lender.
  7. The Lender confirms everything is correct
  8. You are now safe to deliver your product(s).
  9. The lender checks that the client is satisfied that the product(s) have been delivered as specified.
  10. And finally – you are paid within a week – usually 3 days or less – of delivery!


Remember, we’re here to look after both your interests and your clients’ interests for the duration of the contract.

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